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Project Description
Blend3D is a fork of Kit3D's 3D api for Silverlight. It focuses on enabling designability in Blend for Kit3D, including declarative syntax and useful extensions such as direct reading of X3D files. Future goals include additional 3D-oriented controls and classes atop Kit3D.

Currently this codebase is up to date with Changeset 19524. My intent is to keep this codebase up to date with any changes Mark Dawson releases to the Kit3D api, but with all the added designability and extension bits.

More functionality will be coming, but I wanted to get this out there so you can tell me what is most important to you, and ALL FEEDBACK AND ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED.

It enables you to work with your models in the designers in both VS 2008 SP1

and Blend 2 SP1 designers.

It also enables direct importing of 3D models from X3D files which can be exported by most 3D Design tools. The below is a simple example:

Additionally, I have added a simple test app to allow viewing all the samples without recompiling:

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